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We have had some beautiful spring days, shall we say, finally. It's so nice to see the leaves coming on the trees, the flowers blooming and the grass turning green after a long winter.

Along with the spring weather comes the winds. We usually say of March, "in like a lion, out like a lamb." That doesn't hold true any more. April is just as windy as March.

But the wind is interesting. There are over 130 references to the "wind" in the Bible. Some are used in prophecy, some in miracles, some lessons learned from the wind.

The dry north wind is the coldest wind in Palestine, blowing from June until September. The violent east wind blows from the desert. This is the wind most often mentioned in the Bible. It scorched grain, withered the vine, and parched the fruit. The east wind brought the plague of locusts in Exodus. An east wind from God parted the Red sea. It was probably an east wind that wrecked Paul's ship.

The west wind carries moisture from the Mediterranean Sea over Palestine between November and February. The rain-bearing west wind also ended a severe drought in the days of Elijah.

Winds were used to separate the grain from the chaff in the winnowing process. A wind from God brought quail to Moses and his people. A wind was used to dry up the water from the earth so Noah could leave the ark.

Also wind was used as a lesson. We cannot control the wind. The wind blows sometimes hard, sometimes gentle. When the Lord passed by Elijah after the strong wind, God was not in the wind. He was not in the earthquake, but "the still small voice."

Wind is also used to play some musical instruments. We make wind by blowing and making sounds. We experience cold winds from the north, the storm winds from the west, the the gentle breezes from the east and the warming winds of the south. Wind is a mighty force that God created for many purposes.

The next time you experience a hurricane, a nor'easter, a storm, a gentle breeze on a spring day, remember Who is behind the force of nature and how wind is so important.