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As I write this, the East coast is in the middle of hurricane Florence hitting the coast. I am sure it has been a little scary for people living along the coast. The first predictions were for it to be closer to our area. So as most of the other people did, we prepared. Bought the extra water. Cleaned up anything in the yard that could be blown around. And watched the forecast. Each day it began to change until the last couple of days, it pretty much zeroed in on Wilmington, NC. We prayed for the situation, not for the storm to move from us, but for God to protect those in the pathway of the storm. I don't wish this type of weather on anyone. Now it looks like it will be quite a few hours as the storm is moving very slowly.

It reminds me of the storms of life. I don't wish difficulty on anyone. If I know of any difficulties a person has, I pray for them. We never know when a storm of life will hit, unlike the predictions of the weather. We knew a few days ahead, but the storms of life can hit in a minute. Are you prepared for the storms of life like you prepared for the hurricane? Are you prepared for eternity? There are things in life that we can prepare for. We can accept Jesus Christ as our Lord an Saviour. He can help us through any difficulties we face. Then He will be with us at the end of life to see us into eternity in heaven.

Be prepared here for the storms the weather brings, and be prepared for the future at the end of this life.